Vital Lessons — Week 3 Off-Grid

I’m learning a new meaning to the term, ‘Life Lesson.’


Donald J. Claxton is living off-grid and has for three weeks now.

Day 21 Living Off-Grid

Today is Day 21 of camping, bushcrafting, and existing “off the grid” in the wild woods of Upper Michigan, not far from Marquette. The drive out here is about 15 miles from a major roadway.

Food is purchased in town and packed into ice chests. I have no running water but keep a minimum of 10 gallons on hand, plus water bottles. Power lines do not extend this far, so powering my devices is a challenge. There is a 10-person tent, bought in part with support from two contributors. And the air out here is clean, cool, and magical.

Neighbors live two property lengths to the south and are helpful when I’ve called for assistance. I say that to once more reassure those pining away that something is going to happen to me, that help is quite close and knows this area better that I do.

So far.

On the one hand, this is one of the wildest-hair ideas I’ve ever executed. On the other, I’m so thankful for taking the leap. For selling almost all I own and leaving Dallas for a bit to forge a new path for my life.

This is Not Easy

To get here, I sold all the furniture and TVs Facebook’s Marketplace could manage. What did not sell, for the mean time remains in DFW, where I intend to remain a resident. My books and my high-speed iMac remain there, too.

To make a living, I am writing as often as I may here on, I’m posting frequent and informative videos on a new YouTube channel (search for Donald J Claxton), and I am posting about my needs. A growing list of friends, known and unknown, have sent contributions via and on Venmo @donaldjclaxton.

In order for this to continue working, I need to increase my referred sponsors here on Medium. When you read my posts (Medium only allows three freebies per month) if you’re a $5 monthly subscriber, if you’ve signed up via my referral link, I earn a portion of that.

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Donald J. Claxton - Woodsman by Design

Donald J. Claxton is a woodsman by design. He tent camps during summer in Upper Michigan and makes wooden crosses and carves caricatures to make a living.