The Five Most Discouraging Words to Say to a Creator — Go Get A ‘Real Job’

Getting started as a creator is not easy and in many cases, success isn’t overnight; sometimes it doesn’t come at all….


The dreaded “Go get a ‘REAL JOB’ email.”
The dreaded “Go get a ‘REAL JOB’ email.”

‘Get a REAL job.’

There are many types of creators now working in the “remote” world of their homes. These jobs can include:

  • Painters
  • Drawers
  • Songwriters
  • Singers in a band
  • Budding starlets
  • Poets
  • Novel writers
  • Graphic artists
  • Freelance web builders
  • Copywriters

If you’re one of them and have headed out on your own, at one time or another, you’ve likely heard these demoralizing words: “Go get a ‘REAL JOB!”

Well-meaning advice

For creators, they most often come from caring and well-meaning people in your world. People who love us and are trying to give a kick in the pants they feel is necessary. I should also say up-front that as I have needed help, many have been generous. And then there are those who have used a mixture of tough love and offered a reality check.

People like your dad. Mom. Siblings. Spouse. Children. Friends. Girlfriends/boyfriends. Your mentor. A neighbor. Your Banker. The unemployment office. Your state’s health and human services office.

“But my metrics are up,” you say, attempting to reassure yourself, as well as them. “This is working. Just not well/fast enough … yet.”

They shake their heads as if you’ve lost your mind.

Then comes the kicker: “You have so much more capability than this. I expected more out of you. I don’t know how you can just let everything you worked for in your last job(s) go. You seemed so happy working at Acme, Inc.” (But you hated getting out of bed every single day.)

Or from your spouse/lover/significant other: One woman on YouTube recently put it, “No job, no pussy.”



Donald J. Claxton - The Timberlander

Donald J. Claxton is The Timberlander, focused on off-grid living, woodworking, basswood carving, and pallet wood rustic modern projects.