SWOT Analysis Tent Camping: Triumphs

Yes, there are threats; my focusing is on overcoming adversity.


T, for triumphs over adversity in 8 weeks of tent camping in Upper Michigan. (Photo by Donald J. Claxton)

Typical SWOT analysis includes Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. But in my eight weeks now of tent camping with my Great Pyrenees on family land in Upper Michigan, I’ve revised my definition of SWOT to Surprises, Weeks, Observations, and Triumphs.

We can all get bogged down in the specifics of the traditional interpretation, but why not look instead at what good has come from something?

If you want a mention of a threat, at 0348 this morning, the dog began barking from inside the tent and it was her DEFCON 1 bark. She was up out of a sleep and wanting me to let her out so she could ward off a bear. In the time we’ve been in the UP, Upper Peninsula, she’s gone from incessant barking, to only barking when a bear has wandered into our area.

But see, we’ve lived through that, too. A triumph over a threat.

Let’s be positive today.

My Mom Said I Wouldn’t Last a Week, I Expected A Month

Upon hearing my idea back in April or so, my mom’s response was simple: “You won’t last a week out there.”

Maycee, my dog, and I arrived on July 8, 2022. Today is the 29th of August.

I’d been saying before leaving that I hoped to spend at least 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. But as I studied my Bible more and more, I realized that the only mention of anyone doing that was Jesus.

Lord knows I’m not him.

Has this been a walk in the park? Absolutely not. Every day has it’s struggles, from what to eat, finances, gas prices, mosquitoes, ticks, the bear(s), keeping perishables cold, etc.

But we’re almost to 60 days and nights now. A triumph.

Loss Of More Than 35 Pounds Now

It’s time to buy some new jeans and belts. Were money not a factor here, that’d be a cinch.

And cinching up my belt around pants that are at least six inches too big in the waste now makes me look, well, not so good. I mean that for necessary visits into Marquette, Michigan.



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