Robert ‘Dusty’ Clark: Ex-Marine Dies

This one killed by World War III — Covid-19, having refused to get vaccinated.

Clark Family photo from Facebook

Yesterday was not a good day for 12 active duty Marines in Kabul. In Mississippi Tuesday at 2245 hours, an ex-Marine I know from high school died, too. Robert “Dusty” Clark died fighting World War III — the one called Covid-19.

Dusty had refused to get the vaccine. On his Facebook wall are photos from earlier this month where he is enjoying time with his family. Mere days before a Delta force from Hell got a hold of him.

Now he awaits cremation.

Mr. Clean Marine

Dusty was one of those guys as tough as nails. After all, he was once a Marine. A U.S. Government-trained lean, mean fighting machine. We ended most of our messaging on FB the last several years with me offering him a Semper Fi. (My dad was USAF B-52 instructor pilot. I am a military brat — one who couldn’t join the USAF because in 1984 they were not granting waivers for asthma.) Regardless, I hold those who wear our Armed Services uniforms in high esteem.

When I saw his wife’s post of his passing, I expected to read he got killed in action. That he was one of those unsanctioned Mercs or ex-pats who are penetrating Afghanistan.There recovering U.S. citizens hiding from the Taliban. Destroying U.S weaponry left behind. Capturing or destroying US military aircraft. Keeping the Taliban from selling our secrets to the Chinese and Russians. Aiding Afghanis who risked their lives to help our troops the last two decades. The ones the Biden administration identified to the Taliban, ISIS-K and others. Friends the Taliban, et al, will make pay for their “treachery.”

Fondest memories of Dusty

3rd Platoon, Hotel 3/23, Hill 99, Kuwait, April 1991. Dusty is in the middle row, on his knees, arms crossed, big black watch band, and light green shirt. (Photo from his Facebook page.)

The name Clark came one seat before Claxton during our 1984 high school graduation. We goofed around during the morning graduation practice. But not during the ceremony that night at Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama.

Connecting once more via Facebook, he and I saw/see, the world much the same. We also enjoyed showing our support for Auburn…

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