My Walk of Self-Reliance and Independence

On Selling Everything I Own, and How We Can Have Greater Self-Reliance

Taking the road less travelled on the adventure of my lifetime.

Photo of about all I have left, except my many, many books.
Photo of about all I have left, except my many, many books. (Photo by Donald J. Claxton)

Dear Medium Friends:

This is a post about how we can all seek to establish greater self-reliance and independence. This through examples of the life I am now living and about to change.

Considering my continuing pain from a 2016 back injury, and the 27 pills I still take daily, difficulty exists in working a 9–5 anything. I’m not supposed to lift much either.

I need to make drastic changes in my life to push my body. And this, at 56; five months short of 57 years of age.

These recent months I’ve felt the call of my Lord. The message, simple: “Sell everything” I own so that I may follow him.

New International Version Matt. 19:21 (NIV)
Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Please, do not think I seek perfection. Not at all what I mean. And the context is a little different, too. I would not dare boast I’ve kept all the commandments since my youth.

So, where does this lead me?

On the adventure of my lifetime and how I can share with you how to raise your own awareness and establish greater self-reliance in a time of insanity.

Self Reliance

I am an introvert. I enjoy the company of others, but such interaction drains me. For days and every time.

As a tween in 1979–80, I tested into the California Mentally Gifted Minor program. Minimum IQ of 131. I’m also a Myers-Briggs INTJ.

I have moved 32 times in 56 years.

The apartment where I live now, is the longest I’ve lived under the same roof. Twelve years two months.

Today, an old friend, who helped me move in here, arrives after church to move my…



Donald J. Claxton - Woodsman by Design

Donald J. Claxton is a woodsman by design. He tent camps during summer in Upper Michigan and makes wooden crosses and carves caricatures to make a living.

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