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No longer in the woods of Upper Michigan, but heading back ASAP!

Wooden crosses made from maple, oak, and pine from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Wooden crosses made from maple, oak, and pine from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

13-Weeks-Four-Days Tent Camping in the UP

There were some who said my eight-year-old Great Pyrenees, Maycee, and I would not last a week tent camping on my dad’s land in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We lasted 13 weeks and had the time of our lives. Maycee, who was an inside dog, now fondly prefers life outside.

Over the summer, I amassed several tools and resources. With them, I make crosses from the land’s maple, oak, and balsam fir trees.

I’m also carving ornaments and figurines out of basswood with a whittling kit provided to me by a generous viewer on my YouTube channel.

(You know who you are, and thank you once more. This Bushcraft carving kit opened a whole new way of life and making a living for me. Your generosity is deeply apprciated and I could not be more thankful for your support.)

Travel and Such

After leaving Michigan, I’ve driven through Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama.

For now, I’m in Montgomery. My nuclear birth family is here or in the area. Maycee and I are visiting until we can return to the UP. My resident state remains Texas. I will make my return to Dallas as I may.

Meantime, I traveled to Dallas, passing through Mississippi, Louisiana and East Texas. I picked up some needed belongings, saw my two daughters there, and stayed with some most wonderful friends.

Then I made my 10-hour return to Montgomery, where I’ve been since Sunday.

For now, I’m at my youngest daughter’s (by seven minutes — yes, that makes her a twin) in Florida. I’m keeping my granddogger(s) while she visits her Coastie hubs, who is in South Carolina for a training school.

So add Florida to my list of states. We must also add Arkansas and Missouri to the list of 12 states I’ve driven through since leaving Dallas July 7, 2022.

Making Crosses, Pendant Crosses, Rear Window Crosses, Figurines, and Ornaments

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