Do You Own These Critical First Aid Products?

Attention those on blood thinners, working with dangerous tools.


I had a bleeding emergency Sunday afternoon and learned about first aid tools I need to have with me at all times. (Photo by Donald J. Claxton)

Editor’s Note: This is not a product endorcement, but rather a strong suggestion about what you might need to add to your first aid kit. Of course, consult your personal physician before using any new medicines to ensure there are not complications.

When I sliced into my left palm Sunday afternoon with a pair of pruning shears, blood went everywhere. Just under the skin, I could see a vein/artery I missed above and below the cut.

I was alone, with my dog, 1/4 of a mile from our tent camping site. I’d had three of six Ritz Peanut Butter crackers for lunch. Maycee, my Great Pyrenees, had the other three. So even before this happened, I was feeling woozy.

From several training classes through the years, I knew to apply direct pressure with something that could help my wound clot.

But the bleeding did not stop.

Fortunately, I’m good friends with a Family Nurse Practitioner who I could FaceTime. Plus, up on the hill, I had 2 of 4 bars’ reception. Except this was an emergency, so FaceTime did not work that well. This situation required the delay of taking still photos and texting them. And those didn’t zip out of my phone and across the country all that fast either.

So what did I do to get the bleeding under control?

I used a first aid product I’d never heard of before; one called NewSkin.

But I’ve learned of a product anyone on blood thinners, who is out tent camping like me, or who works at a construction site simply cannot afford to leave home without.

The second product is called BleedStop. One I’d never heard of before yesterday. A product that my mother, a former VA ER nurse, said, “We should have known about this.”

You should know about them, too.

NewSkin is liquid skin you brush into a cut and it stops the bleeding.

This is for minor cuts. Had I been using a chainsaw or hatchet and snipped a femoral artery, I’d not be writing this or likely anything else and…



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