Second in an SEO Series About Keywords

Demons, the Devil, a Mummy, and Zombie Villagers

On the importance of finding SEO keywords AND search intent.

A lesson in understanding SEO keywords AND search intent.
A lesson in understanding SEO keywords AND search intent. (Screenshot by Donald J. Claxton)

Beware! Thousands of times a month, people search Google for information about making a deal with the Devil, summoning demons, how to keep a mummy, and curing zombie villagers.

Seeing such search results may lead someone analyzing search engine optimization data to the wrong conclusions. Until you plug the terms into Google’s front page search bar, these four terms seem demonic!

Were you to write about on these terms like me yesterday and call them out the way I did, you might look kinda goofy. (Story one in this SEO series on keywords: Shocking SEO ‘How to…’ Results)

Worst of all, you would not attract your target audience.

Today we have an SEO keyword case study about understanding keyword results, AND, search intent.

Yesterday’s story on Shocking SEO ‘How to…’ Results

I came across these search results wading through 5,400 search results to the prompt of “how to…” via

My reason for running the “how to…” search was to find possible affiliate marketing opportunities.

These terms are not in a niche I intend to pursue. But I wanted to present them in a way that caught your attention and made you think.

Summon a demon — 12,000 Google searches

With 12,000 searches a month for how to summon a demon, a content writer might want to channel Stephen King.

According to an SEO search conducted in May 2022, that is how many searches ask for information about summoning a demon. creates a question while searching for keywords. Google answers that question.

Keyword results may suggest something demonic, but SEOers can’t tell unil you know more about the user’s search intent. (Screenshot by Donald J. Claxton)
Keyword results may suggest something demonic, but search intent reveals results far less sinister. (Screenshot by Donald J. Claxton)

As you can see, several seasons exist for the animated series “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord.”



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