Donald J. Claxton is an action/adventure novel writer, and an avid reader. He also is studying business, inspiration, the meaning of life, and the art of story.
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About Donald J. Claxton

Donald J. Claxton is a budding novel writer, vociferous reader, and life-long learner. He's an Apple fan. A PR professional. In college, he spent more time writing news for the schools' papers than going to class. A political science major, he has worked in two Alabama governors' press offices. At 30, he became the Press Secretary to the second governor. He also has worked on federal, state, and local campaigns. Claxton has served as the communications director for two Texas, and one Oklahoma, school district. He has dealt with crisis communications. Done hundreds of TV and radio interviews; and from 2012 - 2016, made amazing interactive books for the iPad. Now he works on improving the craft of novel writing in the company of his Great Pyrenees, A. Maycee Grace. He has three adult daughters.

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