Donald J. Claxton is an action/adventure novel writer, and an avid reader. He also is studying business, inspiration, the meaning of life, and the art of story.
Video Courtesy of Disney+
Five incredible YouTubers who are living their best lives and sharing what they learn as they go along. (Photos are from their Instagram accounts.)
Top Row L-R: Sorelle Amore, @SorelleAmore — Australia/Iceland; Diane Jennings, @Dianodrama — Ireland/Spain; Careena Alexis Belnap, @AlexisOutdoors — Canada; Bottom Row: Hanna Lee Duggan, @HannaLeeDuggan — United States; Isabel Paige, @Isa.paige — United States, Washington. Pics from their Instagram accounts.

Starting fresh after a several years on the sideline

Photo by moren hsu on Unsplash

Fish Camp, CA, trails on Dec. 21, 2007. Photo by Donald J. Claxton.

Which Frost poem is about today, Dec. 21?

My mom and I sitting on the shore of Lake Superior at Presque Isle State Park, in Marquette, Michigan, circa 1973–74. Photo taken by Lt Col Bernard D Claxton, USAF-Retired.

We writers have super powers

Tom Hanks’s favorite typewriter model, the Smith-Corona Silent, highlighting a frequent saying from the first Alabama governor I worked for, the late Gov. Guy Hunt (R-1987–1993).

Isabel Paige headed up her mountain for sunrise.
Isabel Paige on her way up the mountain to catch the sun rising. Photo from Isa.Paige on Instagram.

Isabel Paige Creates Video Magic for YouTube

Donald J. Claxton

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